Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot

Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot


Author: Jim Hanson

Publisher: Republic Book Publishers

Published Date: May 16, 2021

Pages: 192

Dimension: 6.2 X 9.1 X 0.8 inches | 0.79 pounds

Language: English

ISBN: 9781645720423

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Winning the Second Civil War is based on the current threat demonstrated in the 2020 Antifa/BLM Riots and current unrest including the storming of the US Capitol, exacerbated by the deep problems with the 2020 election. The book includes analysis of the history, legality, and consequences of violent protest. It explores what the founders contemplated, what has been attempted before, and how those things influence what is playing out now.

Both the Left and Right have some level of insurgency underway and it will be helpful to examine them in that light. It also requires looking at them as unique creations of our current political and cultural climates as well. Even in their extreme positions both still have considerable influence on and acceptance in their larger political movements.
Author Jim Hanson shows how the Left and its shock troops are destructive forces to our Republic. The extremists on the Left share common cause with the current path of the Democrats in a belief that America is a force for evil that must be destroyed and remade in a woke image. The extremists on the Right have elements of anti-government ideology and some do want to destroy the current systems. But they are out of step with the vast majority of conservatives who simply want to reassert the values that have always worked for this country. Winning the Second Civil War provides a path to victory to build new political institutions for a stronger Right.