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If becoming a published author is your life dream or you’re looking for a new book publishing company to meet your needs, you can count on Republic Book Publishers in Washington, DC, to deliver. As an independent publisher, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the best conservative publishing companies in the area. We work closely with our writers, helping them develop books that will appeal to their target audience and boost book sales. If you’ve been searching for right-leaning publishers, you’ve found the right book publishing house to match your ideals.

Finding book publishers that align with your vision can be challenging. If you’ve been seeking conservative publishing companies, our independent publisher can help you polish and publish your book and get it ready for sale on the market. We can also help you market your book, ensuring you reach your target audience and get the sales you expect from your new book. Whether you’ve never been published before or have worked with other book publishers, you’ll find our book publishing house a breath of fresh air.

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All of Our books are available anywhere books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other online sales outlets and all bookstores.  In addition, you may purchase our books directly from Republic, here at member discounts.

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If you’ve struggled to find right-leaning publishers near Washington, DC, you can rest assured that our book publishing company is standing by to help you get your writing in front of the proper audience. We recognize the struggles you face and aim to give you the outlet you need to get your book in print and out on the market. From editing and publishing to marketing and distribution, our team can provide the solutions you need. Contact us today to discuss your book ideas.

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Republic Books partners with our selected authors to better showcase their books and their ideas through extensive PR and multi-media exposure.

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We are proud of our history of delivering outstanding results through our services. See what some of our clients have shared about their experience with our work.

Republic turned my manuscript into a gorgeous book, with a striking design inside and a beautiful cover. Once published, they refused to give up on it until it met success.”

— John Cribb, author of Old Abe

“As an author who has worked with major publishers, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to partner again with Republic Book Publishers. They not only know how to produce great books; they are also great people, and it’s been my honor.”

— Alec Klein, author of Aftermath and award-winning journalist formerly of the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal

“Republic’s editors and personnel are highly professional, imaginative, and attentive to detail. They are open to new ideas and are skilled in all aspects of the publishing process, including book design, distribution, and publicity.”

— Joseph F. Johnston Jr., author of The Decline of Nations

“The publishing process can be daunting for a first-time author like myself. Yet, the team at Republic made it easy. Republic Book Publishers support their authors and believe in the work they’re doing, and I look forward to working with them again.”

— Brandon Weichert, author of Winning Space

“Republic made great looking physical and Kindle books, orchestrating the release so that they arrived in customers’ mailboxes on essentially the same day. Al and Eric have a lot of wisdom and experience on how to get your book in the hands of eager readers.”

— Casey Mulligan, Professor of Economics, University of Chicago and author of You’re Hired