With the advent of national conservatism, a new debate has arisen, a debate that needs to be defined by new conservative writers and thinkers in books—books that will help establish the direction of the movement and assist its efforts to have a lasting impact.

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Eric Kampmann, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, has spent the past 45 years in book distribution, marketing and sales, first at The Viking Press and later at Simon & Schuster, where he was vice president and director of sales. Subsequently, he founded and led Midpoint Trade Books, a national sales and distribution company that aggregated over 200 independent publish- ers representing more than 10,000 active book titles under contract. In 2018, Mr. Kampmann sold Midpoint to Independent Publishers Group, a highly regarded distribution company that now will be distributing Republic Book Publishers titles. Mr. Kampmann continues to own two book publishing companies and is the author of four books.



Alfred Regnery, President and Publisher, spent nearly 20 years as president and publisher of Regnery Publishing, his family’s publishing company, during which time he expanded sales from under $1 million to $17 million, publishing several hundred titles, including 23 New York Times bestsellers. In addition to his career in publishing, Mr. Regnery, an attorney, has spent many years in the Washington, DC public policy arena, including stints on the US Senate staff and at the Reagan-Meese Justice Department. Mr. Regnery has served on several policy-organization boards and is recognized as a national leader of the broader conservative movement.



Republic Book Publishers is a new book publishing company, formed by two highly experienced publishing executives to fill an existing vacuum in the book market place with its main focus on influencing the debate over public policy issues, politics, and the American culture.

The company’s purpose is to find and bring to the market well-written books, using the best practices in editing, design, distribution, marketing and sales to maximize both sales and the influence of the titles we publish. The books Republic publishes will be right-of-center titles, written by experienced writers as well as emerging writers well versed in the subject matter of their writing.


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